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    In another thread we discuss ways to get conversations started with strangers.

    In this thread I would like to learn how you go about transitioning to religious topics. Something that has worked fairly well for me is to ask, “Do you have any kind of religious belief?” This is fairly neutral and most people are willing to answer. Sometimes I will first inform people that I am a Christian and then this makes it easier for people to respond in a similar manner. Then I will take an interest in their beliefs and begin asking questions. Somewhat recently I was talking with an older couple from Iran and discovered that they are Zoroastrian. I Googled the religion on my phone and was quickly able to ask them some knowledgeable questions. Their English was rather elementary so it was easier for them to affirm what I was reading online than to explain their religion to me.

    Often international people will ask us what the difference is in all the Christian sects and this makes a very easy way to transition to religious topics.

    I am always looking for other non-threatening ways to discuss religion, so I hope you have more suggestions that have worked for you.

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