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    This discussion board provides a platform for evangelists, disciple makers, and church planters to connect and network with others involved in similar callings.

    This is a place to ask questions, submit suggestions that have been helpful, and wrestle with issues that Christians face in these arenas.

    Some guidelines to consider as you use the forum:

    • Please be respectful.
    • Keep threads on topic. If you want to bunny trail, start a new thread. We have a thread titled “random thoughts” for anything not pertaining to a particular thread.
    • We are not interested in promoting controversy or questionable doctrine. Depending on the level of controversy, your post may be deleted.
    • As always, conduct your conversation in the spirit of Christ.

    Anyone who is generally in favor of this level of discipline is welcome to participate.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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