2019 event – August 23, 2019
Roxbury Holiness Camp

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August 2019 calendar
August 23, 2019

Plan to join us August 23, 2019 at the Roxbury Holiness Camp in Orrstown, Pennsylvania.

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This event is immediately prior to Kingdom Fellowship Weekend 2019, being hosted at the same venue.

A donation box will be available to help with the cost of the seminar. Please register for this seminar so we can plan for lunch and adequate facilities.

Topic descriptions

The Vision for Church Planting in America and Beyond – Allen Roth Sometimes Christians and churches limit themselves in expanding the Kingdom of God because their frame of reference is based on a few outreach efforts with which they are familiar. When this is the case, it is helpful to take a few steps back and consider what God has done in the past and what He is doing through churches in other places. What could God bring forth from our communities if we would step out in faith and in the strength of God?

Panel Discussion – Allen Roth, David Bercot, Ernest Eby, and Gary Kauffman Panel discussion on Church Planting Related Issues, to be moderated by Jason Allgyer.

Ingredients of an Indigenous Church – Gary Kauffman Many church plants in America and around the world grow rapidly by welcoming folks from other churches. If the majority of growth is achieved this way, local converts to Christianity are not as likely to take ownership and responsibility for the future of the church. So what does an indigenous church look like? How can churches be planted that are self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating all within the context of the local culture?

Easy to find

The venue, Roxbury Holiness Camp is conveniently located at

13763 Cumberland Highway
Orrstown, PA 17244

roxbury holiness camp sign