2019 event – June 12-14, 2019
Penn Valley Christian Retreat

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June 12-14, 2019

Plan to join us June 12-14, 2019 at the Penn Valley Christian Retreat in McVeytown, Pennsylvania.

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Topic descriptions

The Vision for Church Planting in America and Beyond – Allen Roth Sometimes Christians and churches limit themselves in expanding the Kingdom of God because their frame of reference is based on a few outreach efforts with which they are familiar. When this is the case, it is helpful to take a few steps back and consider what God has done in the past and what He is doing through churches in other places. What could God bring forth from our communities if we would step out in faith and in the strength of God?

How Church Leaders Can Inspire & Encourage People to Plant Churches – Kevin Groff Whether or not church planting happens is often dependent on the attitude and the vision of church leaders. This topic will address how one urban church goes about inspiring its people to launch new churches using the “swarm” model.

How Churches Can Work Together at Launching Church Planters – Alvin Stoltzfus Most churches send people from their own church to plant churches elsewhere. Can plain churches of very different traditions work together in launching a church planter? Learn how various organizations and churches can team together at sending someone to plant churches.

How Church Leaders Can Equip and Prepare People to Plant Churches – Finny Kuruvilla Effective church planting does not often take place when the effort is led by people who are ill-equipped and ill-prepared. What are some practical ways leaders can equip and prepare the people in their church for planting churches?

Starting an Urban Church in North America – Jason Allgyer Most kingdom Christians have never attempted to start an urban congregation or even dreamed of doing so. It is so unfamiliar that most would not know how to start. In this topic you will hear some very practical steps for how to go about starting a church in a North American town or city.

Cross-Congregational Teamwork – Discipling Folks Like Onesimus – Mel Bricker Churches who have a forward vision for growth and discipleship are likely to attract people from other churches who are looking for a different church experience. The easiest way to grow the church is to accept those who wish to transfer from other churches. While there is a time and place for people to change churches, Western Christians are often quick to leave their church whenever they think a different church might suit them better. How might churches first offer help to neighboring churches in discipling their own people, rather than quickly encouraging people to switch churches?

Disciple-Making in Church Planting; Leading Bible Study Groups and Discovery Classes – Allen Roth The foundational way to grow the church from the local population is to study the Bible with people and help them understand the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles. Without this component, effective church planting isn’t going to happen.

Pricing and registration

Registration for this event is required; attendance is limited to 125 persons.

  • Adults and children ages 11+ = $ 65
  • Children ages 4-10: = $ 32.50
  • Children under age 4: $ 0

Price includes food and lodging. Campsites are available for a reduced rate. Speaker reimbursement and a gift to Penn Valley Christian Retreat are covered by freewill offerings.

Registration is open. To register, contact Penn Valley Christian Retreat at (717) 899-5000 | pennvalleycr@gmail.com

Easy to find

The Penn Valley Christian Retreat is conveniently located at

7980 Ferguson Valley Road
McVeytown, PA 17051